Human Interfaces:
Borderless (Dis)Connections and Disrupted Futures
Summer Conference 2017

Call for Papers

The Association for Photography in Higher Education
Summer Conference 2017
19-21 July 2017
Hosted by Norwich University of the Arts

We are pleased to announce our summer conference, kindly hosted by Norwich University of the Arts.

First Keynote: Mat Collishaw
Mat Collishaw (b. 1966) is a key figure in the important generation of British artists who emerged from Goldsmiths’ College in the late 1980s.

‘Human Interfaces: Borderless (Dis)Connections and Disrupted Futures’, is the Association for Photography in Higher Education’s three-day summer conference. This year’s theme addresses the complexities of how and what it means to be human now, exploring the functions, affects and dynamics of how identity is constructed through narratives, histories and social geography; through the exploration of relationships between communities and individuals, between power and empowerment, nature and nurture and representations of the human condition through technology – between the ‘real’ world, a digitally networked one and the space in-between.

The conference looks specifically at the disruptions and slippages that occur between positions, people, territories and contexts. As the world and higher education become increasingly connected / disconnected and we embark upon unchartered territory, who do we hear, who do we listen to, how do we learn and share, what does this mean for the University? It is in these disruptions and unreliable narratives, where memory and histories are fabricated, in the holes and gaps, the truths, the lies and how these shift, adapt or translate that tell us what it is to be human.

The call for papers is has now been extended until 31st April 2017.

More information will be added here as the programme develops.