Documentary at a Distance: Archive Technology and Fiction

11th – 13th July 2018

Organised by European Centre for Documentary Research
Chaired by Lisa Barnard, Reader in Photography

Featuring Society for Photographic Education (SPE) Honoured Educator: Terri Warpinski

Documentary holds a privileged position in relation to history and claims of truthfulness. But what does documentary mean in relation to our Post Truth era, when appeals to emotion and personal beliefs are more persuasive than facts? The discourse of documentary has been dominated by assumptions of neutrality, objectivity and sobriety and a sidelining of the subjective, fictional, and imaginative. But it seems increasingly difficult to now uphold the view that documentary simply shows things how they are. There is no unmediated record. Reflecting upon the ways in which events need to be put into stories to be understood, Jacques Rancière has claimed that “The real must be fictionalized in order to be thought”. In contemporary documentary the distance or gap between the real and the imaginary allows for a more productive engagement from the spectator. More than ever before in a Post Truth environment we are asked to confront our presuppositions and engage in conflicting narratives.


Human Interfaces

Wednesday 19th – 21st July 2017

Hosted by Norwich University of the Arts

‘Human Interfaces: Borderless (Dis)Connections and Disrupted Futures’, is the Association for Photography in Higher Education’s three-day summer conference. This year’s theme addresses the complexities of how and what it means to be human now, exploring the functions, affects and dynamics of how identity is constructed through narratives, histories and social geography; through the exploration of relationships between communities and individuals, between power and empowerment, nature and nurture and representations of the human condition through technology – between the ‘real’ world, a digitally networked one and the space in-between.

The conference looks specifically at the disruptions and slippages that occur between positions, people, territories and contexts. As the world and higher education become increasingly connected / disconnected and we embark upon unchartered territory, who do we hear, who do we listen to, how do we learn and share, what does this mean for the University? It is in these disruptions and unreliable narratives, where memory and histories are fabricated, in the holes and gaps, the truths, the lies and how these shift, adapt or translate that tell us what it is to be human.

The photobook as a teaching tool

22nd February 2017

APHE mid-year gathering inc. interim AGM (members only), organised jointly with Sheffield Hallam University.

We are delighted to welcome our special guest speaker, Mimi Mollica who will be speaking about his long-term project Terra Nostra. He will also share the success story of his crowdfunding campaign!

The afternoon will then continue with Andrew Robinson on The Photobook and Self Publishing in Photo Education, James Corazzo on The Photobook Multiple and finally Theo Simpson exploring Print Based Strategies and Methodologies.

****Special offer for APHE members only****
Book-the-book for £30 to receive a copy of ‘Terra Nostra’ (APHE subsidised)
Email orders to quoting your membership details

Come and join us – share, network, contribute!



Summer Conference 2016

Keynote Speakers: Shahidul Alam, Professor Liz Wells, and Michael Mack.

The theme for the 2016 APHE conference is focused around where and how photographic higher education is situated, and more broadly its reach and purpose in the 21st Century. We wish to examine and question how the study of photography fits into the overall journey of students, from school to the workplace. Such journeys do not always follow a linear chronology – the paths students take, much as they might like them to, do not always lead where they expect. The multiple entanglements emerging, from hesitant beginnings, detours, cul-de-sacs and apparent arrivals, map out individual experiences. These are then overlaid onto sometimes-rigid institutional forms and structures. In this context we acknowledge the many changes that have taken place in relation to employment opportunities in the creative sector during recent years, and ask how education can respond

APHE January Gathering 2016

6th January 2016

A Day of Sharing Knowledge and Experience at APHE January Gathering
For our APHE Interim Gathering, we have put together talks and discussions to get us thinking and sharing photography as a brilliant start to the New Year. We are organising this jointly with UWE and Weston College with Angus Fraser (TPG Bar Tur Photobook award) and Daniel Bosworth, the current line up includes Shawn Sobers, Alejandro Acin of IC Visual Lab, Stuart Whipps and we will be confirming more speakers imminently.


Continents of Photography

Summer Conference 2015

We are delighted to announce that Stephen Gill will be joining us at this years summer conference to present and discuss his current practice.

There was a great response to the call for papers and further details of the programme we will be released over the coming days.Not forgetting our fantastic line up for the Lightning Talks – with speakers sharing interesting thoughts at lightning speed! The conference team look forward to welcoming you to Nottingham. Any questions please just drop us a line

APHE January Gathering 2015

7th January 2015

A Day of Sharing Knowledge and Experience at APHE January Gathering
For our APHE Interim Gathering, our colleagues at BCU have put together talks to get us thinking and sharing photography as a brilliant start to the New Year.
The day will fall into two parts – in the morning (from 11am), for APHE Members a welcome and Interim AGM. In the afternoon (from 1.30) there will be Open and Free Talks (details below) to which all are welcome. Come and join us – share, network, contribute!

Curators Walk and Talk

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