Summer Conference 2018

Call for papers is now closed


The Association for Photography in Higher Education Summer Conference 2018
11-13 July 2018
Hosted by University of South Wales

We are pleased to announce our summer conference, kindly organised by European Centre for Documentary Research.

‘Documentary at a Distance: Archive Technology and Fiction’, is the Association for Photography in Higher Education’s three-day summer conference.

Documentary holds a privileged position in relation to history and claims of truthfulness. But what does documentary mean in relation to our Post Truth era, when appeals to emotion and personal beliefs are more persuasive than facts? The discourse of documentary has been dominated by assumptions of neutrality, objectivity and sobriety and a sidelining of the subjective, fictional, and imaginative. But it seems increasingly difficult to now uphold the view that documentary simply shows things how they are. There is no unmediated record. Reflecting upon the ways in which events need to be put into stories to be understood, Jacques Rancière has claimed that “The real must be fictionalized in order to be thought”. In contemporary documentary the distance or gap between the real and the imaginary allows for a more productive engagement from the spectator. More than ever before in a Post Truth environment we are asked to confront our presuppositions and engage in conflicting narratives.
The call for papers is now closed.

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Aphies – Photography Education Award (with Bloomsbury Publishing and SPE)

Have you done something innovative, interesting with your photography students? Are you working either full or part-time
at a College or University which offers Higher Education study of photography or related fields in the UK?

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Terri Warpinski

(SPE’s Honoured Educator)

Edgar Martins

Invited Speaker

Daniel Blaufuks

Invited Speaker


Professor Mark Durden


Alejandro Acin & Isaac Blease

(IC Visual Lab)


Julie Cook


Charles Fox


Dawn Woolley


Simon Menner


Natasha Caruana


Alex Beldea


Lisa Barnard


Event Details



Wednesday 11th July
Commences 5:30pm
Thursday 12th July
All day
Friday 13st July
Concludes 3:00pm

Ticket Pricing

  • £70 – Institution/per member

  • £70 – Individual member

  • £90 -Non-member

  • £30 – Full-time student




University of South Wales

86-88 Adam St
CF24 2FN